What Expectation?

Written 7/22/2017 The last goodbye was not enough for me. I lay here awake, unable to sleep, like most nights lately. Wondering what it would be like if you didn’t think so little of me. I miss you. It is that simple. I want to text you every day and tell you that, but I … More What Expectation?

Good Bye Again

It wasn’t completely unexpected, but still a hard thing to handle. You were my sister. I had to say good bye. You were reckless and carefree. I admired your spirit and the way you looked at the world. How am I going to do this? Should I even do this? I wondered if I would … More Good Bye Again

Shine On

Not every day is going to be easy. Not every day will bring good news and happy endings. Not every day is going to be a “good day.” There will be bad days. Horrible days even. Days where nothing goes as planned and days where everything feels like it is falling apart. Those days, the … More Shine On


I couldn’t begin to tell you how many days I have got up and said that this is the day! This is the day that EVERYTHING is going to change. I am going to quit smoking, I am going to eat healthy, I am going to exercise, I am going to drink more water. I … More Belief

Making it Happen

I remember one afternoon, a few friends and I were laying around on the living room floor looking at my mom’s road atlas. We were planning the road trip we would take that summer after we graduated high school. We spent the weekend planning the route we would take, the stops that we would make, … More Making it Happen