4 Days Ago

This evening was strange and out of the blue. I got a message from him, and i am not sure what to do. Is this the Universe giving me all I wanted, or is this my Ego testing me? Advertisements

Jumbled Ramblings

Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! I fucking did it again! This is why nothing changes. Why? Why do I do this with him? EVERY SINGLE TIME! What the fuck is wrong with me? After everything I have been doing, after all the work… I am constantly working on myself; trying to do better, trying to be better. … More Jumbled Ramblings


I unfollowed your Facebook because it makes me sad. I wanted to be with you and it simply hurts too bad. It’s been weeks, maybe months, and not a damn thing has changed. No matter what was said, we have fallen estranged. Some days it’s easy, when you don’t cross my mind. But most of … More Unfollowed

Lunchtime Ramble

So 11 days ago I started weight watchers. I have been seeing progress on the scale which has kept me motivated. However, I learned today that I am not eating enough points. Don’t get me wrong, I am eating, but I am not eating enough variety I guess. So, here is to more variety in … More Lunchtime Ramble

#1: The Shift

Over the last year and a half to two years I have felt change coming. It’s been more apparent on some days than others but it is stronger now than ever. Something is about to happen and it is going to be a good thing. I don’ know what it is or where it is … More #1: The Shift

What Do I Say?

I want to write. Correction, I need to write. That’s why I am here after all. I see the emails come through for the daily prompts and my mind brainstorms multiple ways of how to address the subject at hand. So why don’t I just sit down and do it? It’s not like I can’t … More What Do I Say?