About Me

Hey there! Well if you are reading this then you are most likely curious about the author of something you read. I suppose I have a few things that I can share to help satisfy that curiosity.

To begin, my name is Meg and I am a single, 30 year old fur mom of one. I rescued an abandoned “Benji” dog I named Layla. (I like to take pictures of her, so be prepared!) This pup has captured my heart from the very beginning.

I grew up in Northern Michigan and spent a lot of my free time as an adult on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. After high school I moved to South Texas with one of my best friends, and that is where I currently reside. There were a couple of other moves in between then and now, but those are stories for a different day.

Why am I starting a Blog and what am I going to write about? I am starting this Blog for a couple of reasons; the first is because I simply enjoy writing! Because it is something I enjoy, I want to share it! I am not a professional writer or blogger or anything like that. I am just a girl who is excited to share her journey with YOU! I am also doing this because I am starting to look and understand the world in a whole new way! That is soooooo exciting to me and I plan to write as much as I can about it! I plan to write about whatever inspires me… Anything and everything that I can formulate into comprehensible thoughts that I think YOU will enjoy (or I need to get out.) Well, that’s all I have for now. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me!

**Make everyday a great day**

This is Layla!