Making It Happen – The Plan

So a few weeks back I had a post titled “Making it Happen” which discussed a dream I have of traveling the country and how I plan to do it. This has become more difficult the older I have become as I have accumulated debt, have the “normal” monthly bills, plus the everyday living expenses. However, this will deter me from making this happen.

I am pleased to report that I have come up with a plan that I have broken into 5 different phases to help me get from where I am today to traveling the country in 66 weeks. Here is my plan!

Phase One: Get a part time job!
I have to be able to save extra money so I decided the best way for me to do that is to make extra money. I have already completed this phase! Yay Me! Progress!!!

Phase Two: Payoff the “little” debt
My “Little Debt” includes my credit card bills and some outstanding medical bills. Once these are paid off I will roughly have an extra $200.00/mo to apply towards Phase Three.

Phase Three: Payoff the “Big” Debt
That was a tough one to guess huh? =D My big debt includes paying off my car (5 months early) and a personal debt consolidation loan I took out (that has continued to grow over the years).

The first three Phases are planned to be completed within 32 weeks, by the end of 2017! With all that debt paid off, that will put roughly $700.00/mo “extra” to apply towards the remaining phases. This is about $13,000 in debt I plan on paying off!!! It’s time to buckle down.

Phase Four: Bank for Recurring Payments
So I will need to be sure that I can pay my cell phone and my car insurance and my student loan payments while I take a year off of work. To me, this means I need to have enough to cover these payments for a year. (Estimated $5000.00)

Phase Five: Save for the Travel Expenses
The next step is my favorite part I think! Saving and planning for what I am going to need whole I travel. this includes gas money, room and board (I plan on camping a lot so this I am hoping will stay pretty low), food, miscellaneous spending, plus an “Oh Shit” bucket in case something happens while traveling!

So a quick financial breakdown for the numbers people (like myself) would look something like this:

Little Debt: $4500.00
Big Debt: $8700.00
Bank for Bills: $5000.00
Funds for the Trip: $7500.00
Total: $25,700.00

Seems Nuts! But I have 66 weeks to make it happen and the sooner the debt is paid off, the longer I have the opportunity at more “free” money!


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