Life Lesson Learned in Second Grade

I learned a very valuable lesson when I was in the early years of my education. At the time it mainly pertained to writing a paper. It was simple; answer the most basic questions in a way that keeps your audience entertained.

Little to my knowledge at the time, that lesson would follow me through life and be a driving factor in the way I write and how I interpret the world. The questions are simple and I will use them to answer the reason for me starting this blog.

Who: The who is easy. It’s you, it’s me, it’s friends, and it’s family. Some days I will write to you, for you. Some days I will write to you for me. Then there will be most days where I simply will write to write.

What: This is forever changing. The main ‘what’ is going to be about whatever I am going through, or whatever I have learned or want to learn. The main topic is life, mine in particular.

When: The when gets a little more complicated. I am working full time (bankers hours) with a newly acquired job for the evenings and weekends. So this won’t be as often as I originaly had intended.

Where: Anywhere! I am on my phone most of the time since the cord to my laptop has gone MIA.

Why: This is always my favorite to answer. The why is when I get to explain the motive behind my writing. Sometimes I will want to share something new I learned. Other times I may want to express feelings and ask advice.  Most times these writings will be for me. A way for me to evaluate the journey I am on. We all can’t be perfect every day, but that doesn’t make me shy away from the opportunity to recognize where my mistakes were and improve on them daily. My main goal in life is to be a better person than I was yesterday.


So I am going to elaborate a little on how these questions help determine the way I interpret the world. Stopping to think about these questions in different situations has saved a lot of heartaches and a lot if headaches. We never know fully how someone else is feeling, even if we have gone through the exact same situation, each if us responds differently. Stopping to think about the basic questions mentioned above during a very heated argument with your significant other can help you empathize with their situation. You may not be the true reason they are upset. Same goes for your work family.

Understanding… No, simply considering the reasons behind the words/actions  of others (more importantly) and yourself can have a significant change on how you interpret what is truly going on around you.




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